LVLUP Loop Beginner's Tutorial

This tutorial covers:

  • how the loop works

  • how to adjust the tension/difficulty

  • 4 types of exercises you can use your loop with!


How the loop works

The LVLUP loop creates resistance on the glutes by opposing it’s 3 main functions: hip extension (your leg moving behind you), hip abduction (moving your leg away laterally) and external rotation of the hips (turning your hips outwards).

Adjusting tension

If you find the band is too tight for you to perform you exercises with good technique. Move the position of the band higher up your legs. On the flipside, if you find the band is not providing enough resistance, move the position of the band lower towards yours ankles.

4 Loading Patterns

Loading patterns is just a fancy term we use to categorize exercises that you can perform with the LVLUP Loop. Some exercises can fit under more than one loading pattern! Those same exercises can usually give you more bang for buck because you are able to activate more areas of your glutes. When you add the LVLUP loop to any lower body exercises, I can almost guarantee you will be increasing glute activation.

  1. Horizontal (Hip Thrusts, Glute Bridges)

  2. Vertical (Squats, Lunges)

  3. Abduction (Side Lying Leg Abduction, Banded Lateral Walks)

  4. Kickbacks (Donkey Kickbacks, Straight Leg Kickback)

We hope you love the band as much as we do! Let us know if you have more questions by leaving a comment below. We want to follow your fitness journey - share us your posts on Instagram by tagging us @lvlupbands !!